Saturday, February 7, 2009

Fox unleashes Evil Gays!!!

Yet somehow, I'm addicted.
The premise: Naive, beautiful, young Christian Jackie must choose among a group of masculine, strapping, hunky, ripped... er... I'm getting carried away... guys, but some of them are pork-sword-swallowing friends of Dorothy!

What Fox would like you to think the show's message is: Gay guys are just like regular straight guys! We're breaking stereotypes!

The not-so-subtle undertone:
The gay guys are necessarily Macchivellian, conniving, and sinister. Oh, and every stereotype is put out there for you to put on the guys you think are gay.

I'm still watching because I think Jackie WILL fall for a gay. I am just waiting with arms folded across my chest to see how Fox handles that.

'Cos Fox is territorial about their shizz, copy n' paste:


  1. Fox is trying to get down with teh gays??


  2. The show ended last night (or perhaps a long time ago since it is Fox Reality Channel). Anyway... the straight guy won, and Jackie got to keep her share! The evil gays were all found out.
    If you watch the show carefully, you can see that many of the stereotypes that they are supposedly trying to diffuse, end up "being true" after all in the case of the outed gays.
    I was hoping the gay guy would take it all.