Friday, March 27, 2009

Happy César Chávez Day!

Here's a great video about the great Mexican-American civil rights hero and union organizer!

A funny thing happened on the facebooks today. I mentioned in an update that I have to work on this holiday, and that I'm blasting my music in my laboratory to make up for it, and a facebook friend left a comment that he doesn't consider César Chávez day a real holiday. ??!!! As a Mexican-American and someone who deeply cares about, and has marched for civil rights, I was obviously offended. I wonder if he would have made the comment if I were darker skinned or had a hispanic surname. You gay readers are all too familiar with the feeling of being slighted by some homophobe who doesn't know you are gay. Maybe he meant no offense, but I removed his comment because it was offensive to people who care about what César Chávez stood for. Then I linked to the above video so that others can see what this great man was all about! The Santana music is pretty great too.
Si, se puede!

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