Sunday, March 15, 2009

Too soon for this evil Dick.

Cheney is on with John King this morning. My love affair with John King is over. Every time he'd plug his show, I'd ask myself whether I could subject myself to this aging, smirking, failure of a former VP who tried and mostly succeeded in advancing the ultra right-wing agenda.

I got in a little late, but pretty much get the whole gist of the dick's message of depeption.

On Iraq: We did pretty much what we set out to do. (What? Help your contractor friends bilk taxpayers out of billions)

On Iran: "you've got to find ways to avoid Iran having nuclear" weapons. (More pro-war propaganda. This worked remarkably in Iraq, apparently)

On Obama's pick for dealing with North Korea: Obama is going to listen to whomever he wants (i.e. not Cheney). Cheney wouldn't have picked him. (Your puppet called N. Korea part of an "axis of evil." Face it Dick, diplomacy ain't your thing)

On not being able to capture Osama bin Laden: We were able to capture the number 3. (FAIL)

On Obama's rejection of torture: Those programs were essential to making USA safe. The interrogation practices were legal. Obama's programs are making America less safe. (I've almost forgotten what it was like under this a-hole. It's fucking TORTURE!)

On torture: "Enhanced interrogation" helped us gather intelligence. (No euphemism will change the fact that it is torture and that it neither helps America nor is better at gathering intelligence than having "intelligence" in the field)

On the closure of Guantanamo: Obama is losing focus on preventing further attacks. (Just like you are trying to distract us from the fact that it is an off-shore detention facility that exists solely to avoid affording prisoners of war constitutional protections)

On Scooter Libby: Scooter Libby was unjustly prosecuted. (Scooter Libby got away with treason)

(The dick's writing a book. My guess for title: Spreading Evil in 8 Easy Years.

On Rush Limbaugh: "Rush is a good friend. I love him." (I have NO comment on this bromance)

On future plans: No immediate plans to run for office; none to retire.

This man is living on borrowed time after 3 (?) heart attacks. Just call it a day, dick. Wev'e got a lot of cleaning up to do.

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