Sunday, March 29, 2009

Scott Lively is coming to the Inland Empire.

Scott Lively is going to be in Temecula next week at the invitation of the Murrietta Temecula Republican Assembly. They were going to hold their meeting at the Temeku Hills Country Club, but had to change venues due to threats of protests. When I find out where they WILL be, I will blog the time/location. I will be there.

If you are not familiar with Lively, let me just tell you that there is a very helpful and thorough description of his bullshit at the Southern Poverty Law Center website ( ). I'll provide a few hilights here.

Scott Lively is the author of a book called The Pink Swastika, in which he revises the history of the holocaust to say that gays were the motivating force behind the Shoah.

Scott Lively is the leader of the Abiding Truth ministries, and the California chapter of the American Family Association (remember Don Wildmon?).

Scott Lively attacked a lesbian woman in 1992 while she was filming a documentary. He dragged her by the hair. She sued him for damages and won.

Scott Lively is the founder of the hate group The Watchmen on the Walls, which he founded in Latvia during his missionary work in that country. The Christian evangelical group is radically anti-gay and active here in California and other West Coast areas where there is a large Russian immigrant community. Several young men affiliated with this group are responsible for the murder of a Sacramento area gay man.

Scott Lively just recently returned from Uganda where he completed a speaking tour in which he taught about "the gay agenda" in this country where homophobia is so rampant that it is a crime punishable by imprisonment. He was acutely aware of international criticism of his visit.

I’m writing from Kampala, Uganda where I am teaching about the “gay” agenda in churches, schools colleges, community groups and in Parliament. My visit here is being treated as an international crisis by the “gay” activists and their media toadies, who are spinning lies in their usual manner, but the Ugandan response has been resoundingly positive.

So he offered his "positive" suggestion to the people of Uganda.

... the law against homosexuality should be liberalized to give arrestees the choice of therapy instead of imprisonment

So compassionate.

The MTRA most likely held the speaking event at a private home in an undisclosed location. This group should be ashamed for bringing this bigot and holocaust revisionist to Temecula. Apparently, the republican party has nothing left except for their hatred of LGBT people to rally around now that they have failed so resoundingly.

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