Monday, January 12, 2009

Uncle Tom's... er... Log Cabin Republicans Going Broke

Call this divine justice. The Log Cabin Republicans are in debt! Unfortunately, they will still be able to spread their self-loathing around for a bit longer. My question is: why not ask any prominent republicans to help you guys out? Hmmm? You stood by your man John McCain and your woman Sarah Palin in spite of their bedding down with total haters who would sooner see you stoned to death than grant you your rights.

"The Log Cabin Republicans, hampered by lackluster 2008 fundraising, is facing financial difficulties and ended the year at least $100,000 in debt, according to Patrick Sammon, the organization’s president, who spoke to the Blade Friday.

Sammon said he expects the organization to have around $100,000 in debt or “maybe a little more,” adding that the figure is made up of consolidated debt."

Can somebody cue the tiny violins for these sell-outs?

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  1. Great...GREAT....*G R E A T* joy was had in reading that. I rather enjoy watching an organization crash, especially when its one as moronic as the LCR.